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The largest panel of silk sleeping bag liners as well as 100% mulberry silk pillowcases. You dreamed about them, we made them. We make them in authentic pure vietnamese silk

In addition to our selection of 100% silk liners, we also supply silk liners using artificial silk fibers. These liners are cheaper than the pure silk items and will be a great alternative for low budgets as well as occasional travelers. These models are available in single, extra big, double and kids size as well as in mummy shape


What are the uses of a silk liner?

If you have already used a silk liner, you know just how versatile they are and how they just add so much to any travel experience.

Ready to enjoy your vacations, don't forget your silk liner

   If you haven't hear about them yet, we will explain to you why they are essential to  your travels.

    A silk liner sleeping bag is generally used as a sleeping bag for warm weather or in combination with your sleeping gear for cold weather.

 Why our silk liners will be essential to your travels?

    Soft, breathable, silk is the ultimate in comfort to help keep you dry and warm.

  Ideal for hostels and handy in adventure hotels, most of the time it will be everything you need to sleep in the tropics.

Used as a liner for a rectangular sleeping bag, a silk liner protects and keeps the bag clean and it will add 5˚C to the temperature rating of your bag.

All our silk liners feature a side opening and a pillow pocket.

Completely double-stitched with reinforced gussets, it is durable and comfortable.

Silk liners pack down small into the included drawstring storage bag.

As we are backpackers too and have lots of friends who travel worldwide, our silk liners have been tested in the jungle (highest humidity rate with lot of bugs), in deserts (scorching days and chilly nights),  when hiking high peaks (where every gram counts and an extra layer often needed) and have always been useful in many ways.

Some colors of our 100% pure mulberry silk sleeping bag liner


Best price silk liner sleeping bag 100% mulberry silk art silk travel hostel sheet seidenschlafsack 



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Great piece of kit! 

Posted by Panagiotis & Athina

We ordered the TREKSILK Double Art Silk Sleeping Bag Liner in grey for our camping kit. The guys at Treksilk were so helpful, and the dispatch & delivery of the product were so fast that it was on time for our vacation (delivered to Greece from Vietnam in 8 days!). The liner (even the double one that we own) is amazingly light, lighter than other similar products in the market. The quality of the material is really good (mind the care instructions included!) and it was warm enough to use in the tent at cool summer nights. You can’t have a better quality addition to your kit at such a price.