FAQ on Shipping:


Q/Where can i have my order shipped?

We ship worldwide.

Q/What's my shipping charge?

The shipping charge depends on the weight and size of your order, the shipping method, and your distance from us. These factors are incorporated in our shipping calculator to offer you the best rates available.


Q/ From where is my item shipped?

All of our parcels are posted from Vietnam at the Central Hanoi International Post Office. We produce silk liners and you purchase them from us so there is no intermediate, the guarantee for the best price on the market

Q/How my item is shipped, is it safe?

All our parcels are well protected in bubble wrap and send by registered airmail with signature required and a customs form, that makes things work well and fast. We have several years experience on international shipping. Almost of countries provide an online tracking for our parcels. Tracking number will be sent upon request.

Q/ The shipping seems high

A majority of our customers think our shipping and handling charges are reasonable. Understand that for orders smaller than $30 it is logical that shipping charges will represent a higher percentage of the total order. The shipping charge as a percentage of the total order goes down significantly with increased order amount and quantity. 

Q/When will my order be shipped?

Most orders are shipped the day after for orders that are paid with credit card /paypal. For orders placed during non-business hours such as evenings, weekends, and holidays are normally processed and shipped on the next business day.

Q/How long does it take to ship to my address?

It depends on your location, durations mentioned below are averages

USA: 9 to 14 working days

Europe (United Kingdom, France, Germany,...) 7 to 14 working days

East Europe: 12 to 16 working days

Australia, New Zealand: 8 to 12 working days

Canada: due to slow customs in Vancouver, delivery can take over 5 weeks

Q/What happens if I don't receive my order?

Contact us to solve this situation, it is unusual. When it happens, usually it is because of a delay in your customs (holidays, slow clearance) in any case your order will never get lost and we will always do all necesary to help you if there is any issue (incomplete shipping address, failed delivered attempt, returned item...)

Q/What if I decide I want a different shipping option AFTER I have placed my order?

Contact us immediately and if your package hasn't been shipped, we will change the shipping address.