Extra Large Single

Made of an art silk fabric using high-tech artificial silk fibers, these liners are comfy and plenty of room with their 86.5 inches long (220cm) and 37.5 inches (95cm) wide. They pack down to just 10 in long by 5.5 in wide by 1.0 in thick. In metric that's 25 x 15 x 2.5 cm. Weight is only 4.6oz / 170-180g.

At the top is a very versatile pillow insert that can be also used to keep valuables close by at night.  And, if things are getting bad, you can put your head into it for extra warmth or as protection from mosquitoes.


This model isn't as sweet that our pure mulberry silk liners but they are really strong and are much easier to care about. They can be machine washed and will dry really quickly. The fabric may be a bit rough at the beginning but it will get softer after being washed.


These are our best sellers models as they are sold for a bargain and are ideal for occasional travelers.

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